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Fion.N Dessein is an interior design company that is bursting with new and ambitious ideas to change how you experience the space around you. Starting within Malaysia, we plan to change the interior design landscape through creative approaches in design, planning, and construction.
With design team that has over 20 years of experience, we are your creative solution to any spatial and design flair and technical know how, our designs promise to not only be feasible and practical, but visually astounding.


Corporate & Office Space

In any corporate and office environment, we understand that the core of every successful business lie in people that work in these spaces.

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Retail Environments & Banking Hall
We all know that shopping is not about buying products or services. We also know how competitive the retail market can be. That is why we believe the edge you need is not just about making your space attractive and outstanding.
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Hotels are the homes away from homes. No other type of interior design requires the patron to be in immediate and complete ease in a firing space in a foreign land.

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Showroom Design

Familial bonds are not what they once were; and we, through our designs, want to strengthen them. A borne is about relationships; about comfort; about security.

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Hotels are the homes away from homes. No other type of interior design requires the patron to be in immediate and complete ease in a foreign space in a foreign land.

Hotels are also perfect opportunities for escapism. We pride ourselves at creating unique and memorable experiences. Whether it is getaway resorts or boutique hotels, our goal of helping you make your guests at home is the principal driving force in our designs.

Familial bonds are not what they once were; and we, through our designs, want to strengthen them.


Our Mission

Our primary mission starts off with a very simple goal: to be the best in the industry. By providing the best designs and practices, we will ensure that people will sit up and take note of not only our design expressions, but of what you, as our client want to project to the world. To be the best, our approaches are:

  • Designing with dedication and integrity. This will bring about not only comprehensive design solutions, but new user oriented experiences.
  • Changing the perception that interior design is more than just space planning, material application and building rooms. Interior design, above all else, is about memories and experiences.
  • Investing heavily on talent. We don’t just see human capital. We see the possibilities and potential in everyone.
  • Prioritising relationships. Our relationship with you is the foundation for the revolution of interior design in Malaysia. Rest assured that our services to you extend beyond the completion of each project.
  • Treating every project as an individual entity; each with its own challenges and opportunities. This ensures that each project that we undertake with you will have an identity; an identity that is an extension of who you are and what you represent.

Our Vision

For we are not short on ambition, our vision of the future is that of global recognition. To ensure that we are able to stamp our mark on the design world, we strategize to:

  • Create lasting relationships; both locally and abroad. Through this global network we will share our dynamic and paradigm shifting designs.
  • Bring joy and excitement to the spaces we inhabit. Interior design is becoming too banal and predictable; and we want to bring dynamism, and wonder back into our living spaces.
  • Turn spaces into places. User centred experience has often been neglected. We put the concept of humanity at the centre of all our design ideas.

Greening Our Design

It is undeniable that interior design and architecture contribute to more than half of the pollution of our planet. For decades, people have built and design without regarding the harm they were causing to the environment; much less to our depleting resources. The team at Fion.N Dessein recognizes the role we have to play in changing this condition and these are some of our strategies:

  • Revolutionising our design approach from the bottom up guarantees that each project will have as little impact to the environment as possible.
  • Through stringent research of both site and client requirements, we are able to come up with solutions that are not only aesthetically impressive; but are also economical, functional and site sensitive.
  • Implementing passive strategies in our designs whenever possible to exploit natural lighting and ventilation.
  • Use locally sourced materials whenever possible. This reduces the carbon footprint of transportation.
  • Applying materials and technology that are energy and water efficient. This not only helps in keeping energy and water usage low, savings from utilities is an added bonus.
  • Ensuring that the Indoor Environment Quality is never compromised by using paints and materials with low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
  • And by constantly discovering new ways, in both design and construction, we strongly believe that we can push the boundary of Green Design locally and abroad.

Occupational, Health, Safety & Environment Programme

Changing the face and direction of interior design also means changing the way we construct and build. Occupational safety and the health of our personnel and that of our sub-contract workers are of paramount concern in any project. We take our responsibility very seriously in providing good working conditions and have various failsafe and responses during any emergency situation on site. This means we follow all the codes and regulations when it comes to ensuring the safety and health of those under our responsibility.

And the reasons for doing this are simple: people and progress. We do not see our workers as merely human capital; but contributors to our vision. They are the ones that craft our ideas and are no less important than any member of our team. And if their health and safety were to be compromised, the progress of project will ultimately be the one that suffers.

We achieve this by:

  • Complying with all Occupational Health and Safety codes.
  • Certifying all those working for us are adequately trained; in terms of knowledge of materials, handling of tools and equipment.
  • Ensuring all workers have the necessary information before and during construction.
  • Guaranteeing on site supervision to make sure that any conflict to the safeguards we set will be minimal to non-existent.
  • Devoting adequate resources to implementing safety and health programmes.
  • Constantly reviewing our health and safety measures for improvements and efficiency.


…… FionN genuinely shared our commitment to the project. It should be noted that this project was undertaken with demanding schedule requirements. We were satisfied with the result that the project was completed on time, to standard and within budget….

Edelman Public Relations Worldwide Sdn Bhd
Robert Kay – Managing Director


…… Apart from this office project, your diligent follow-up on all after sales service for both of Schlumberger’s offices at Menara Rohas Perkasa and 1First Avenue have been very accommodating in resolving all alteration and addition works to date….

Schlumberger Asia Support Sdn Bhd
Ooi Kar Tuck, Area Facilities Manager – Asia Region


…… In our dealings with your team, they have always been pleasant and cooperative. Like you have always preached, you have completed your work expertly within the stipulated construction timeframe, as well as within the overall project budget; not to mention with the least defects….

Bexcel Shared Services Malaysia Sdn Bhd
Thomas Lim – General Manager