We Are An Interior Design Company

Fion.N Dessein is an interior design company that is bursting with new and ambitious ideas to change how you experience the space around you. Starting within Malaysia, we plan to change the interior design landscape through creative approaches in design, planning, and construction.

With design team that has over 20 years of experience, we are your creative solution to any spatial and design flair and technical know-how, our designs promise to not only be feasible and practical, but visually astounding.

We are a team that’s been through thick and thin, and we know how demanding the industry is. Our strong teamwork and discipline work ethic means that now project and problem is too big or demanding. With our strong bonds, we are often on the same wavelengths and this usually means that we are able to work to each of our strengths and mitigate any shortcomings we may have. This results in timely delivery of projects and meeting the exceptional standards that you deserve and demand.

But above all else, the element that pulls us all together is our shared philosophy: our philosophy of not accepting mediocrity and wanting to leave a lasting impression on our built environment. This is achieved through our team’s attention to every detail, meticulous planning and passion for great design. And the foundation of our success is our commitment to our partners and affiliates. We know that you are just as important as anything we create or build; and that we at FionN Dessein will always out our loyalty to our clients as well as your needs and demands at the apex of every design project.

With expertise in design management, idea development, consultation, strategic planning and construction; we are overflowing with energy and anticipation to build the first steps of our relationship with you.

With our dedication, perseverance, integrity and passion, we believe, together with you, can start a revolution. The steps may start small, but they will be perceptible; and the ripples will be felt throughout the industry.