Make Space For Change

Our Scope & Services

The dedicated, passionate and creative team in Fion.N Dessein has years of experience in producing designs of the highest quality to a plethora of local and international clients. Our associations with our clients have developed into long-lasting business relationships; and it is this relationship that we hope to forge with you. The diversity of projects that we have individually and collectively tackled range from small intimate projects to large scale corporate branding and planning. Coupled with our relationships and connections with experts in other fields, we deliver excellence in every project that we are involved in.

In any corporate and office environment, we understand that the core of every successful business lie in people that work in these spaces.

Other than maximizing office space and integrating cutting-edge technology, we believe in creating spaces that exploit the maximum potential in each and every employee. Our office designs will foster close working relations and open communication; the bedrock of any thriving corporation. We achieve this through:

  • Utilising innovative space planning strategies to create good traffic flow and comfortable work spaces.
  • Creating adequate spaces for communication and cross-fertilization of ideas.
  • Designing spaces that give equal amounts of privacy and openness.
  • Adopting and adapting state of the art technology within the design to ensure the efficient running of the office.
Fion.N Dessein will not only help communicate your image to your clients, but to reinforce your bond with them. Your clients will no longer see you as another ubiquitous faceless corporation, but one that prides itself on human connection.

We all know that shopping is not about buying products or services. We also know how competitive the retail market can be.

Our approach to retail design is about forging and cementing relationships with your customers. The transactions they carry out with you will not be limited to money and products, but of shared experiences and sensibilities; and the need to belong and fraternize. Our designs achieve this through:

  • Understanding the target market and customers of your brand; thus ensuring the outcomes are relevant and relatable.
  • Innovative display policies that enable your products and services to communicate directly to your customers.
  • Creating spaces and forms that encourage interactions between the customer and the brand.
  • Innovative ideas and solutions that leave lasting impressions. Your brand and products will become synonymous with the needs and wants of your customers.

Hotels are the homes away from homes. No other type of interior design requires the patron to be in immediate and complete ease in a foreign space in a foreign land.

Hotels are also perfect opportunities for escapism. We pride ourselves at creating unique and memorable experiences. Whether it is getaway resorts or boutique hotels, our goal of helping you make your guests at home is the principal driving force in our designs. Our design solutions include:

  • Coupling our design ideas with your excellent service.
  • Applying ideas and themes that express the image of your brand.
  • Understanding and maximising the surrounding environment of each location.

Familial bonds are not what they once were; and we, through our designs, want to strengthen them.

A home is about relationships; about comfort; about security. It is a haven by which we find refuge from various psychological and emotional torments. These are the considerations of each and every residential project we engage in.

Our designs give each family member space to express themselves, but at the same time, keeping the core of the values intact. Spaces are carefully designed where sharing and bonding can take place – and each element of design is meticulously thought out to ensure that the home is always where the heart is.

These values are also inherent in our showrooms. We do not believe that the design should be just attention-grabbing, but have the capacity to truly draw the customer into your world and make them subscribe to your vision. Showrooms should be the symbol of what you, your company and your products stand for.